Confusing parable about fish


There was a princess in Forest Hills,
a young Jewish girl for the most part,
who was tired of her father always bringing boys over to the house
who he was thinking she might want to marry.
(These were the sons of his colleagues at the medical center
and they were mostly good boys at that.)

One day, and up in her bedroom,
and watching cable while her nails were drying,
she noticed a kind of fish that could jump way out of the water
and had beautiful green stripes on its side,
but which also looked kind of sad (she thought).

This was on the Discovery Channel
and she only got to watch it long enough
to see the magical fish jumping on account of her nails
not having dried enough yet for her to flick,
which is what she did mostly.

The thing with the fish, she was thinking,
was that it only lived in a certain part of the warm Gulf Stream
and did the jumping thing every four years to attract a mate
by the height that it got out of the water
and thus how strong and powerful it was also.

These were fish who quite certainly weren’t called Myron
who wore glasses and were hoping as how dentistry
might provide them with what their parents had as well.
This, of course, is a fable and only by way of pointing something out.

Anyways, it was somewhat later in the year
that she got to thinking about changing her major to marine biology,
but nothing came of it all excepting a lasting affinity for fish
and because of that a general refusal to eat them, even on Fridays.
(She believed in covering all the bases when it came to defying God.)