Grace fills the empty spaces

One two three four 
reach around and close the door.
Four three two one 
race your dead into the sun.

Five six seven eight 
never underestimate.
Eight seven six five 
the heart’s desire to stay alive.

-Central American children’s song (imagined)

They say she’ll need 
her insides out 
and in the future 
her history looks 
like a wreck to me.

The Doctors 
(a small collection) 
live where she lives 
on the Nicaraguan coast 
a beach close to Rivas 
but this is not the magical 
kind of realism.

The fibroids in her belly 
are the size of pomegranates 
grapefruits and melons 
but they’re not fruit at all 
and The Doctors 
as they come and go 
want the greater housing 
of these objects 
to be removed entirely.

When we first met 
she was a yoga teacher 
on the brink of New York City 
come from her hometown 
in Argentina and full of life 
of babies unborn 
as they will now remain.

Twenty girl calendars go by fast 
in the uterus years. 
There are other methods 
but no cheap ones left 
for her to fall in love by.

Surgery Wednesday;
full of grace.