Beverage report

Manuka honey slips in melt
so slowly from the scalloped back

of a child’s lost spoon
and down into a thick white mug

of this night’s time tea
the composition of which

I know nothing much about
apart from it being cuttings

in undetermined proportion
of lemon balm, oatstraw

catnip and red sage
the last of which I have invented

because I cannot remember
the fourth ingredient now

nor do I want to pad out
across the hall and into the kitchen

to find the small brown bag
with a hand-written label on its back

and since you ask the honey I don’t know about
but the tea cut green and fine

works well these nights
so much so that while I wish for two

this single cup is enough to reassure me
that a quiet mind will soon come I promise

myself who is now born wide awake
after these many years of sleeping.


March 3, 2011