A Variable Number of Lines to Joe Dickens About Getting Sick


You’ve got it alright
(whatever it is)
could be the brick dust
or those lunar rays maybe
electromagnetic pulses
produced by invisible cats.

Science says it would be logical
to accept you have a hulking
being in your house moving
through your air and brushing
his molecules against you personally.

True, you see him as your son,
but in reality, & as regards the biology
of your poor Okie body, you sent away
this progeny of your own flesh
for a trip to the world and in return
he came back a perfect infection unit.

In the LAN of your family,
within your walls and beneath your collected skins,
a viruscan would suggest he needs to be deleted
& you too, for now inside your cells,
the genome of you, illness is doing its work.

You’ll be fine.