Chorizo cabbage with red and white onions (abandoned)

Chorizo, Chorizo as dark as my blood
eaten by kings abraise in the mud.

I wanted to write ‘sweet in my blood
or ‘thing of my blood
but as I was idly thinking of chorizo
and rhyming couplets

I cut myself deeply while slicing
up my cooked Spanish sausage
for this abandoned recipe
and it was a deep slice

one of those where in the instant of accident
the pain shouts but then subsides
as you watch a good part of the blade
pull out of its penetration.

It was my very clean knife.
Very sharp.
I get a new one
every Christmas.

Some men get socks
or blow-jobs I suppose
but for me it’s kitchen knives.
I have a hankering for them.

I do not covet women, but their knife blocks
I imagine carting off home under the cover of night
and an old woolen brown blanket
too itchy for sleep but perfect for purloining.