The Couple, Tel Aviv 2000 [Donata Wenders]

This is a couple in Tel Aviv
which must be on the ocean
(the Israeli Mediterranean?)
from the look of it here.

They both have bags of some sort
held in their right hands
he a hat and she maybe a scarf
or perhaps just tight hair.

She has a skirt below a blouse
he a dark suit and white shirt
they are open-necked.

[Residents of Tel Aviv
are referred to as Tel Avivim.
The city has been twinned
with Incheon, South Korea
since the year 2000]

They are unfocused
but harder than the sky.
In fact I would bet a little
(not too much real money
but still you get the idea)
that the backdrop, not the sea
or the pathway across rocks,
could be a studio set
so perfect is the gradient
of grays behind them.

[Tel Aviv’s White City
-made a UNESCO
World Heritage Site in 2003-
has the world’s largest concentration
of Bauhaus buildings]

How many children do they have tonight?
Are they still in Tel Aviv?
Did they make it, as a two?
Did he ever really love her?
Does she wonder about another boy
(that other boy or some unmet boy)?

It’s been a dozen years already
a lifetime for more than many.
What has happened to them?

Are there curls now across her head?
Were they wed to unravel?
What happened that night?
Did they gossip to their friends?
How old will they be
when the shuffling comes?

What is it about these monochrome
figures that represent all the questions
I can conjure for my own life
and why am I so sure that they were happy
and then sad with each other
and the world within them?

[Tel Aviv has 44 hotels, more than 6,500 rooms
and every night couples walk the beach forever]