Things are cheap here


You can buy two of things
for the price of one
with the proper money.

Fat chocolate croissants just made
and twice the size of
(those you get in) Texas.

Lettuce, hair ribbon and biscuits.
Food varieties for a dozen dogs.
Ink bottles and peppers particularly.

There are goats for sale
by every roadside, filtered swimming
in all the hills.

Fierce-colored motor scooters
with girls or without them
fly by like time.

People (in the majority, dark
and seemingly happy) shop the corridors
full of clothes, stylish men and women both.

I have seen little of this in the New York papers.
Are the Spanish keeping this news from us
or have the Americans decided it wouldn’t be good

to alert their own people
to the pleasant affairs
of these foreign others?

But they are not as fast.
But they are more gracious.

But they are not as sure.
But they are more willing.

But they are not as possible.
But they are more complete.


[La Orotava, November 2011]