It’s strange sometimes how you wind up affairs. You always think you’re going to put the last word in the ledger with a broad flourish; you never think of the automaton who closes the account while you sleep. It’s all the strictest kind of double-entry. It gives you the creeps, it’s all so nicely calculated.

-Henry Miller

Two years ago now to the day
and wholly as a result
of my own poor attention
(my immortality)

I allowed the automaton
to creep in.
It was not while I was sleeping
(brain seizures often happen in the mornings)

but when I finally became conscious again
(perhaps the automaton fell asleep himself
leaving his work unfinished)
it is true that, amongst many other

realizations and understandings
I felt somewhat astonished
at how easy it is
to be here and then gone.

I have waited for other great revelations
to come from this circumstance
but can conjure nothing further
than simple gratefulness.

[Halloween 2011]