Areas in which the young do not like the old

I have a young friend
who only thinks of things
as old or new
and he has decided
he knows quite certainly
that that which is old
has no worth or meaning
to him, at all.

He does not think this
as such, but feels it
not in arrogance
just certainty.

He is before the age
that a midnight show
with a new girl
watching Humphrey Bogart
(who left alive is called
Humphrey anyway?)
in The Petrified Forest
is full of riches
or even relevance.

He will see a painting
as good or bad
because paintings are not
to his inner mesh
of the past, but instead
to be judged
by some other method.

All of music too
in general terms
is still available to him
(this will change shortly),
but matters televisual
are dated very quickly
and in turn consigned.

I do not use him here
as shorthand deciphered
to say moving pictures
are a quickly fading
art form, but instead
to stop, in this moment
of my own living,
and recognize
being nine years old
for what it is.

Star Wars; too old.
Jaws; too slow.
Oliver!; too musical.

He was tricked
when younger
how little loyalty children have to their recent, but previous ages and selves
into watching some old things,
but while not developed
the changeable muscle
of his critical faculty
is now apparently alive
and, he would have you believe,
his alone.