New York times

A woman walks up to me
this is on Northern Boulevard and 162nd street
just along from the reptile store.
She’s wearing a pink felt hat
and patent high-heel shoes
but the rest of her is empty
that’s to say she’s naked.

She puts her hands on my face
covering both my eyes
and asks me to stop undressing her
on the street like this.
I have no idea where she came from.

People are walking by
staring in windows
they’re trying to park cars.
Nobody looks at what everyone sees.

As I pull away from her
and walk quickly to the corner
I notice there’s a photoprint of her body
over the front of my brain.
She’s maybe forty years old.
I don’t look back.

Later there’s a story
on the five o’clock news
about a woman who was killed near here.
Apparently they found her head in a cooler box.
The police haven’t identified her yet
but sitting in front of my television
I know full well it’s her.