On Any Monday

Medium-sized men
sit two to a booth
opposite each other
in their utter similarity
both in almost leather coats
and New York hunches
urgently chewing
at the other’s off ear
as though an Escher alive
and somewhat overweight.

They are cursing local byelaws
that in some way prevent
their immediate profit.
One man with his hand
on the top of a walking stick
as if ready to change gear.
The other mournfully sad,
Shylock’s supplicant come to rest
at the `Meet `n’ Greet’ here in
Lambertville, New Jersey.

If they would only give their wives,
their children or other lovers,
such sympathy and grace,
but the bindings that grasp
these two as though in claw
run deeper than can be found
in simple blood or soul mates.
Our hunched men here are one
for they share their favorite sin
of selfishness; no greater love.