All at sea at home


Long gone now and cut into pieces
there was a boat here once
when we arrived from the city

it was a selling point
sat out there adrift
in the middle of the back lawn

aground and out of water
as if every farmhouse here
might have one.


We bought the house of course
as people from the towns will do
a country place to live in always

but we carried our noises also
the pollution of everything
along with us in the back of the car

and for a year or two
the boat was just there through the window
reminding us of the distance between things.


There was nothing to do with it
the husk of cheap wooden boards
made to float on water once but abandoned

other children had played in it apparently
but now there was only  the evidence of cats inside
along with  a groundhog who’d made tunnels below

and so in the end we had the men come
and they broke it into pieces
and then they left us with ourselves.