Fate is the hunter

A small man is sitting in a bar on 48th Street and Broadway.

He is small in head and body as well as in feet which barely reach the wooden floor.

However he is seen to be a man by the age on his face and the sort of clothing that separates men from boys.

Therefore he is a small man sitting in the corner of the bar at a table and alone.

A woman who may be older than him but also may be younger leaves her serving station and approaches him to take his order.

She did not see him enter the bar nor sit at the table alone.

These facts that she attributes to the idea that perhaps he is stealthy as well as small,

Or just one of those faceless people who all along have faces but are thought to be mostly invisible.

She asks him what he would like:

“What would you like?”, she asks him.

He answers in a voice pushed down in register as though his larynx is carefully weighted by a block of stolen lead.

“A glass of beer and the last moment of your time,”