On Self(ishness)

I love myself sufficiently
think first and last of only me

to be so much takes constant care
yet there’s not enough of me to share

because I deserve my every inch
and then some more when in a pinch

at all my wonder and my happiness
I regard my head and I say why yes

when I’m in need or in simple want
for in terms of wisdom I am the font

not all can see what I am worth
nor signify to this simple earth

but the cost of the great goes hand in hand
with being no prophet in this fine land

I forgive the blindness of those who cannot see
my self as I measure my immensity

yet as I lie alone upon this bed
where to myself I have been wed

I find it sadly rather slow
without another here in tow

for while I am the best of men
I wish you would come back again




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