Men at work

Often when working
I lie in the hammock
In both senses of the word
For that is what my work is
Commercial fabrication
Biggest brightest best

I lie in the hammock
Because big and bright ideas
Often my best ideas occur there
Away from the small idea world
Of my grey metal desk
But not today.

Or for the past several days
That the workmen
Joe and Nate
Who are father and son
Have been making walls and windows
Floors and doors.

There is a large hole
In the back of the house
Big enough for the bulldozer
That has been there already
To come back again
And sit in the middle.

The large hole looks out
Onto our garden
And in the middle of the garden
On the lawn
Sits the hammock empty
Looking back.

For even though I work there
And they work where they work
I cannot bring myself to lie
Out in plain sight and thinking
While they are working
With their bodies and their minds.

It would seem indecent to do so
Without explanation
As though I might be taunting them
With my apparent idyll
When instead I would be furiously
At paddle below the surface.

And so instead
I sit dutifully at my desk
Grey and without ideas
Listening all the while
To the sound of their labor
Not my own.

(July 19, 2013)


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