Man and Superman

One of the monotonous staples
of parenthood, and Hollywood,
is the prevalence of super heroes
here in our daily lives.

I always imagine or presume
that if there were beings or
people with superior adaptions
they would surely utilize them
for the general good.

This notion persuades me
on further reflection
that the God complex
is alive and well
in this agnostic heart.

The Sky Daddy
the munificent being
the force for good
acknowledged as both dangerous
and impossible in the benign dictator.

I am a fool and an optimist;
common bedfellows.

Evidence of normal human beings
given or taking power
only demonstrates
that the Gods amongst us
do not operate under the awning
of noblesse oblige.

And thus is the illusion
and desire so strong in us
that someone somehow
might indeed do so.

In our dreams. And prayers.


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