Foyle’s War

There is a matter that has only recently
become apparent to me
and in the language of the day
would be called a First World Problem admittedly:
The ability to watch or gorge
on a whole series or entire run
of a single television show
over the course of a few days
or even a few adjacent hours.

I do not like waiting
less now than ever
but watching the first of an old show
and downloading the remaining seasons
I am aware that I will see several years
of manufactured output
watch characters age and die
all in less than a week
and then quite possibly miss them.

I do not remember feeling it
but there must have been a development
week after week and year after year
8 o’clock Wednesday night
when one slowly deepened
the opinions and insight
perhaps the writers even worked
to take advantage of this very effect.

No longer. We chew ferociously
and then swallow, digest lightly
and do not even excrete
so little has the fiber of our wanting
been addressed or filled.
Fast everything.



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