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The Honourable Schoolboy

Scruffy work
to be a spy

and a boring life
always so very careful

in your words and deeds
professionally consistent

observant to a fault
never allowed to slop along

the existence of celebrity
without the non-existent charm

grey socks and a steady heartbeat
no dozing in

to be late for school without reproach
it comforts me to consider

how fearful they must be
of talking in their sleep

weighing betrayal
above abandonment

the only boy in class
who perishes at the thought

of being blown.


An Explanation of the Break Up

And so
the phone rings

no more
does my heart sing

when there’s no one close beside you
nowhere left to run

release yourself
into the arms of all that’s said and done

You choose to walk on in
one brighter wedding day

but now the time has come
for the heart to have its say

for the heart to have its say
for the heart to have its say…


There is no evidence
the absence of you
causes me
to be anything
other than
another man
who wishes he
were not like me
but instead
back here in bed
and that maybe you
might somehow be
back in bed here too.

Men at work

Often when working
I lie in the hammock
In both senses of the word
For that is what my work is
Commercial fabrication
Biggest brightest best

I lie in the hammock
Because big and bright ideas
Often my best ideas occur there
Away from the small idea world
Of my grey metal desk
But not today.

Or for the past several days
That the workmen
Joe and Nate
Who are father and son
Have been making walls and windows
Floors and doors.

There is a large hole
In the back of the house
Big enough for the bulldozer
That has been there already
To come back again
And sit in the middle.

The large hole looks out
Onto our garden
And in the middle of the garden
On the lawn
Sits the hammock empty
Looking back.

For even though I work there
And they work where they work
I cannot bring myself to lie
Out in plain sight and thinking
While they are working
With their bodies and their minds.

It would seem indecent to do so
Without explanation
As though I might be taunting them
With my apparent idyll
When instead I would be furiously
At paddle below the surface.

And so instead
I sit dutifully at my desk
Grey and without ideas
Listening all the while
To the sound of their labor
Not my own.

(July 19, 2013)

To those visiting and considering the purchase of a gift

Please bring me nothing from the world
For there is nothing that I need
But if you should feel it is upon you
Then rather than me accepting a trifle
In some carefully chosen box
That I would brightly welcome
And then lose and forget in some cupboard’s
Dark and lowly corner
Bring me a tea-cosy preferably of wool
To remind me of a time that is all gone
And now only available to me by recreation
And the warmth of standing tea
Saved by a few seconds from reheating
In a microwave my grandma never dreamt of
Or desired.

(May 25, 2013)