Dog Will Run

Lyrics & Doggerel (for use as needed)
Shellfish lead to swelling
of that there is no doubt
booze will pass to yelling
spider veins and gout
hackles get all raised and shit
anguish makes us growl
yet love alone drives a man
to throwing in the towel.

160th St.
A chill of early roses
Agnostic haiku
As regards unreasonable hope
Country song
Dog’s dish
Elegy (as a result of John Tavener)
End of an unwritten poem
Hard as nails
In the sound of the see
Land of the Free (some assembly required)
Love at first sight
Morphosis (the next time you see me, I’ll be gone)
On Self(ishness)
Prayer as regards a certain kind of statistic
Prayer (or observation or benediction)
Repeat as needed
Slave market with invisible bust of Voltaire
The Invisibility of Speed
The peach and the hammer
The Widow’s Lament
Three Blind Mice
Untitled love poem
You like me in all the wrong rooms